30 September - 3 October 2018




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Selected oral presentations



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30 September - 3 October 2018




Registered participants


Selected oral presentations



Participants coming from

Different countries


Professional Speakers

Welcome / Message from Sofia Siest






Dear colleagues, Dear friends,

As many of you know, the Santorini Conference Series have been founded in 2000 on the initiative of Professor Gerard Siest (┼, INSERM UMR U1122; IGE-PCV, University of Lorraine, Nancy, France,pin memory of Gerard Siest) and several representatives of industrial companies with the intention to create an independent and open platform to mediate “translation” in personalised medicine.

Based on the history and tradition of the previous Santorini Conferences, a new era of these conferences has started in October 2016 under my Presidency and it was a great pleasure to welcome a number of you at the 8th Santorini Conference, Oct. 3-5 2016.

The scientific program lived up to our expectations! The attendance reached over 140 participants from 33 different countries.

We created special poster awards in the memory of Gérard Siest which were attributed to 2 posters with the support of the University of Lorraine and the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC).

It is now time to save the date for our next Conference, the 9th Santorini Conference, to be held next year from 30 September to 3 October 2018.

Together with a Steering Committee (SC) and a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) with members across academia, clinics and industry, the 9th Santorini Conference aims to facilitate scientific exchange between basic research, industrial research and medical areas. The conference has been maintained and strengthened by a sustainable and clearly visible new concept with respect to content, structure, economy and people.


The title is dealing with Greek mythology in the spirit of the island and of our thematic obstacles to resolve and overcome:

Systems Medicine, Personalised Health & Therapy. “The Odyssey from Hope to Practice” with a special focus on “cardio-metabolic diseases and cancer”.


We already took into account important remarks made by some of last conference participants to improve the organisation of the 9th Conference by creating more interactions among disciplines, as well as between academic and industrial research, directed around a scientific content towards an effective ‘roadmap’ for personalised health and therapy.


The scientific programme also includes 1 session with young researchers’ lectures. The 2 best posters will be granted with “Gerard Siest” awards.


The 9th Conference aims to answer:

  • Can genetic screening help identify individuals at greatest risk for cardio-metabolic diseases and cancer?
  • What is the greatest clinical need with regard to diagnosis, prediction and patient stratification for these pathologies and how this is/can be addressed?
  • Does a genetic risk score identify patients at highest risk and is its use justified in clinical practice?
  • What are the challenges of the current clinical trials?
  • What about comorbidities with aging?
  • What is the impact of pharmacogenomics on:
  • Deliverance of more predictable responses to drug therapy
  • Minimisation of the occurrence and severity of adverse drug reactions
  • Conduction of more cost-effective clinical trials
  • Drug discovery and the drug development process
  • Do the existing diagnostic tools answer the needs of pharmacogenomics?


You can already note the dates (30 September to 3 October 2018) on your calendar and plan to join us and help make this 9th event a real success. For more information about registration and abstracts’ submission please visit the website:


This conference will be also yours and we count on you for having your ideas/propositions and for being with us in Santorini in 2018 under a nice sun and warm weather that fosters an even more creative atmosphere!


Sofia Siest

President of the Santorini Conference series







Ithaca – Konstantinos Kavafis (1863 – 1933)

When you set out on your journey to Ithaca,

pray that the road is…

full of adventure, full of knowledge…

That the summer mornings are many, when,

with such pleasure, with such joy you will enter ports seen for the first time…

Always keep Ithaca in your mind.

To arrive there is your ultimate goal



Committees / comments

Steering Committee (SC)

  • Sofia Siest, Nancy, France (President)
  • John Lamont, Co Antrim, United Kingdom
  • Michael Marschler, Mannheim, Germany
  • Robert Barouki, Paris, France
  • Athanase Benetos, Nancy, France
  • Georges Dagher, Paris, France
  • Panagiotis Deloukas, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

  • Sofia Siest, Nancy, France (President)
  • John Lamont, Co Antrim, United Kingdom
  • Michael Marschler, Mannheim, Germany
  • Robert Barouki, Paris, France
  • Athanase Benetos, Nancy, France
  • Georges Dagher, Paris, France
  • Panagiotis Deloukas, Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Urs Meyer, Basel, Switzerland
  • Charity Nofziger, Salzburg, Austria
  • Markus Paulmichl, Salzburg, Austria
  • Lynn Webster, Salt Lake City, United States






Interactions Gène-Environnement en Physiopathologie Cardio-Vasculaire, Nancy, France


Sofia Siest (President)

Hiegel Brigitte

Stathopoulou Maria

Petrelis Alexandros

Masson Christine

Aldasoro-Arguiñano Alex-Ander

Xie Ting

Gorenjak Vesna

Akbar Samina

Weryha Georges Richard





Com&Co, Marseille

Etienne Jarry


Conference Program /

Sponsors /

We will be really thankful if your society could be represented in the 9th Santorini Conference “Systems Medicine and Personalised Health & Therapy, through a participation and support.

We expect 250 international delegates (researchers, scientists, academics, industrials, biologists, pathologists, oncologists, genetic epidemiologists, pharmacogeneticists and biobanking experts) in a creative environment.

Depending on the sponsorship you can offer us, you can become a Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsor. Outside these 3 categories, smaller sponsorship is also possible. For more information please contact:, telephone: 00 33 (0) 6 07602569

Sponsors / GOLD

Sponsors / SILVER

Sponsors / BRONZE

Sponsors / OTHERS

Partnership /

Auspices /

Santorini Conference Speakers / List of confirmed speakers on June 23rd


  • Aschard Hugues, Paris, France
  • Aviv Abraham, New Jersey, USA
  • Barouki Robert, Paris, France
  • Becker Karl Friedrich, Munich, Germany
  • Benetos Athanase, Nancy, France
  • Boerwinkle Eric, Houston, USA
  • Caulfield Mark, London, UK
  • Chen Rong, Mount Sinaï, USA
  • Daidone Maria G., Milan, Italy
  • Debette Stéphanie, Bordeaux, France
  • Dedoussis Georges, Athens, Greece
  • Deloukas Panagiotis, London, UK
  • Diamandis Elefterios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Elens Laure, Brussels,Belgium
  • Fornage Myriam, Houston, USA
  • Garrido Manuel Rosa, Los Angeles, USA
  • Hemingway Harry, London, UK
  • Innocenti Federico, Chapel Hill, USA
  • Makris Konstantinos, Athens, Greece
  • Meyer Urs A., Basel, Switzerland
  • Newgard Christopher B., Durham, USA
  • Noelia Martin Granado, Madrid, Spain
  • Nofziger Charity, Salzburg, Austria
  • Oelmueller Uwe, Hilden, Germany
  • Pare Guillaume, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Paulmichl Markus, Salzburg, Austria
  • Pirmohamed Munir, Liverpool, UK
  • Purchase Andrew, Swansea, UK
  • Seshadri Sudha, Boston, US
  • Siest Sofia, Nancy, France
  • Spoto Giuseppe, Catania, IT
  • Trembath Richard, London, UK
  • Webster Lynn, Salt Lake City, USA

Registration /

Full registration

650 euros till July 31st

800 euros starting from August 1st

Student registration

300 euros till July 31st

400 euros starting from August 1st


300 euros

Abstract Submission / Ready to submit?

Poster 'Gerard Siest' awards /

2 poster awards of 850 euros each will be granted:
1 in “-Omics” biomarkers
1 in Pharmacogenomics

IMPORTANT INFORMATION / find your answers

So…you just landed at the Athens Airport “El.Venizelos” and you desperately want to go to Santorini.
You have 2 options to go from Athens to Santorini:
  • By plane
    That’s obviously the quickest and most expensive option. It takes about 40-45 minutes by plane to be at Santorini’s small airport and it definitely worths it in our opinion. For 2016, the following companies operate direct flights from Athens to Santorini: 1. Aegean Airlines   (proposed) 2. Ryanair 3. Volotea
  fly directly to Santorini from other European cities (especially between April-October): Niki (from Vienna) Thomas Cook (from Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester, Brussels) Thomson (from Birmingham, Gatwick, Manchester, Bristol) Volotea (from Venice, Bari, Naples, Palermo) Germanwings (from Cologne) Norwegian (from Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm) Transavia (from Paris, British Airways (from London Heathrow) Condor (from Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgard,, Dusseldorf, Franfurt) Aegean (from Moscow) Easyjet (from Rome, Milan, Geneva, Manchester, Gatwick) Vueling (from Barcelona, Bilbao) Jetairfly (from Brussels) HolidayJet (from Zurich)
  • By ferry
You have to go to the Athens ferry port which is called Piraeus. The easiest and cheapest option is by taking the bus X96 that stops just outside of the Athens airport. It takes between 50 mins to 80 mins (depending on the traffic). Santorini Ferries depart from E7 Port Gate so you have to stop at the bus station : STATION ISAP (ΣΤΑΘΜΟΣ ΗΣΑΠ) (which is also a metro station). The X96 bus runs 24/7 and there is a bus every 30 mins. For adults the ticket costs 5 euros and for kids it costs 2.5 euros. Avoid the fast and smaller ferries. Take the slowest and bigger ferries to Santorini. They may take a few more hours to take you to your destination but you may save yourself from sea sickness and a bumpy ride. Our suggestion is to go to Santorini by plane because it’s generally much faster and simpler but you can also take the ferry which can be a very interesting option
From the airport you can take a taxi or take a private shuttle or a local bus or you can rent a car. taxis : 0030 22860 02 2555 or 0030 22860 03 3951. At last you can rent a car for a day or your full stay at a nice price.
Contact info:   Touring the island by motorbike is a popular choice for holiday makers. Economical, easy to park and capable of navigating most of Santorini's volcanic terrain. Fira the capital and other prominent villages on the island have free public parking areas. Use them to avoid traffic congestion and parking fines. From the other hand, you are advised not to hire motorcycles, scooters, mopeds or quad bikes, as accidents involving these forms of transport are very common
Do you need accommodation?    
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